What inspires me? I have spent a great portion of my life traveling and living in Asia, from the mountains of Tibet to the plains of India and the islands of Indonesia. My observations turned into a collection of writings, photographs, and sketches of people, animals, and plants. Nature provides me with the source material for my paintings.

My primary mediums are acrylic and watercolor. The vitality of my paintings, which express a phantasmic depiction of the reality of plants, animals, and people transformed by my personal (crazy?) reality, dreams and imagination, are expressed in thick layers of color and fantastic images.

What inspires me the most are the dreams which I have been recording since childhood. My questioning of religion, art, and ethnic cultures fuses my dreams, turning them into chimerical pastiche. All of my art is an attempt to reflect the divine, by creating a symbiosis between my self-conscious mind and the harmonious majesty of our cosmos.

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